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October 23, 2003

Brussels, Belgium

The city is a game board, where every story, every piece stands on its own, but is part of an intricate jigsaw puzzle. Both public physical spaces and private interior spaces contain traces of fragmentary personal [hi]stories tied together by an invisible network of media. How people inhabit the hidden 'image spaces', discovered by a wireless surveillance camera scanner, while at the same time inhabiting physical outdoor spaces, is revealed through the practice of walking.

Dressed up like a bag lady and carrying an antenna made out of a soup can, I push a shopping cart full of televisions along a designated route in the city.

Starting in the red light district, a 2.4 Ghz video receiver that I carry with me is used to scan and display, in real-time, intimate scenes from within the city of Brussels. A prostitute's meeting place, a hallway, two empty streets, a tavern, a restaurant, an entrance, a café, a phone store, a bar, a snack shop, are some of the spaces found along the walk.

The walk ends at Recyclart, a former metro station and currently a performance space, near Gare Midi.

The Argos Walk was commissioned by the Argos Festival and curated by Nat Muller for the Politics of Noise programme.
Special thanks to Nat, Mira, Karen and all the staff at Argos.

Life a User's Manual is a series of walking performances by Michelle Teran.